YungGeolleung Royal Tombs

Yungneung·Geolleung, honoring the spirits of Crown Prince Sado and his son, King Jeongjo

Just past Yongjusa Temple are Yungneung and Geolleung, the Joseon-era royal tombs known jointly as YungGeolleung. Crown Prince Sado and King Jeongjo are entombed here. Designated as part of a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009, this is considered the most beautiful of Hwaseong's Top Eight Scenic Spots. The tombs rest on a sunny spot enveloped by stately pines, the site of an anecdote about King Jeongjo. While visiting his father's tomb, King Jeonjo was startled by a pine caterpillar nibbling on a pine needle. He sighed despairingly, "Small and insignificant creature as you are, what impertinence! It is heartbreaking enough that my father lived in such sorrow, but you dare to add to his torment?" With that, he bit into the pine caterpillar, killing it with his teeth. His flustered attendants hurriedly did away with all the pine caterpillars. And to this day, no pine caterpillars can be found around the tombs. The fragrant, refreshing pine forest surrounding YungGeolleung and the clay walking paths lined with oaks are a source of wonderfully fresh air


- Location : 21, Hyohaeng-ro 481beon-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
- Tel : 031-222-0142(Yunggeolleung Management Office)