Jeamri March First Independence Movement Site

Jeamri March First Movement Martyrdom Hall, resting-place for the souls of martyred patriots

The village of Jeam-ri, located in Hwaseong's Hyangnam-eup, is remembered as the site of a massacre that was perhaps the cruelest of all the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers. In this village that was also known as 'Dureong-bawigol', the locals were holding a protest on April 15, 1919, just prior to the March First Independence Movement. Not long after, shots rang out through the village and homes went up in flames. The Japanese soldiers completely besieged the village. They gathered all males over 15 inside a church, locked the doors and windows from outside, and began shooting indiscriminately. As a further atrocity, they gathered the dead bodies outside the church and burned them. In all, 23 villagers were cruelly murdered, including children. Not stopping there, the Japanese soldiers set fires all over the village, and killed villagers in the neighboring community of Goju-ri.

This area may well go down as the site of the saddest, most heart-rending oppression during the Japanese occupation.


- Location : 50, Jeam-gil, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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