Bibong Wetland Park

Bibong Wetland Park was made to purify streams flowing into Sihwa Lake, using artificially created reed fields and wetlands.

With an area of over one million square meters (314,000 pyeong), the park consists of lush reed fields and wetlands, ecological protection facilities, nature trails, wooden observation platform, and rest pavilions. In this artificially created park, water is temporarily trapped from the upper streams feeding Sihwa Lake, including Donghwacheon, Samhwacheon, and Banweoncheon. The reeds and aquatic plants purify the water before it flows into the lake. As part of a riparian ecosystem that includes Sihwa Lake, a cluster of fossilized dinosaur eggs, and the islands of Wooeum-do and Hyeong-do, the management of this wetland also has international importance. In particular, with the park being used by numerous migratory birds as a habitat and breeding ground, diverse ecological environments can be observed.


- Location : Yupo-ri, Bibong-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
- Visiting hours : 10am - 4pm
- Tel : 031-369-6231 (Parks Division)