Jebu Island

Located off the coast of Seosin-myeon in Hwaseong, this small island has an area of just 1㎢ and 12km of coastline. It may be small, but Jebudo is a renowned tourist spot thanks to its status as a tidal island. At low tide, a raised area of the seabed becomes exposed, and a road to the island appears as if a pathway has been cut through the sea. This natural phenomenon is known as “hae-hal-hyeon-sang" (海割現狀), popularly referred to as the ‘Miracle of Moses'.

This road through the sea opens twice a day, during low tide. At that time, about 4-5m of seawater drain away, revealing a 2.3km cement-paved road that had been submerged. A highlight of visiting Jebudo is the fun of driving over this road as you enjoy a view of the tidal flats unfolding on either side.

Once you reach the little island, belying its small size, there are many things to see. Among the sights are ‘Maebawi’ (‘Hawk Rock’),‘ a nesting spot for these birds of prey; an extended beach about 2.5㎞ long covered with a mixture of shells and sand; and coastal walking trails constructed along the shoreline. Another big attraction are the many seafood specialty houses all over the island, offering a variety of foods, including grilled prawns and clams, fresh raw fish, and kalguksu noodle soup.