Front view of Mars City Hall building

the origin of name of the city
hwaseong was first named by king jeongjo in 1794 (the 18th year of the reign of king jeongjo). he gave the name based on an old story of zhuang zhou, a chinese philosopher, when he was looking around the site to build a fortress for suwonbu-eupchi and hyeonryungwon. the old story emphasizes that the king and his people should enjoy all the best things in life like wealth, longevity, and family. therefore, it can be understood that he named hwaseung (華城) wishing it to be a village of abundance.

History List
samhan period three mahan tribes inhabited the region among fifty-four mahan tribes
kgoguryeo period organized into dangseong-gun and maehol-gun
year 757 reorganized into dangeun-gun (dangseong-gun) and suseong-gun (maehol-gun) in the 16th year of the shilla king gyeongdeok's reign
year 940 reorganized into dangseong-gun and suju in the 23rd year of the goryeo king taejo's reign
year 1413 namyang-dohobu and suwon-dohobu were established in the 13th year of king taejong's reign during the joseon dynasty
year 1793 in the 17th year of jeongjo's reign, suwon-dohobu was elevated to the status of hwaseong-yusubu
year 1895 in the 32nd year of the gojong period, namyang-gun was reorganized as suwon-gun
mar 1, 1914 namyang-gun and suwon-gun were merged as suwon-gun (islands excluded)
aug 15, 1949 reorganized into hwaseong-gun, suwon-eup was separated and elevated to suwon city
jan 1, 1989 osan-eup was separated and elevated to the status of osan city
nov 1, 2000 the county office and municipal assembly buildings were moved and rebuilt in their current location, namyang-dong
mar 21, 2001 hwaseong-gun was elevated to hwaseong city
namyang-myeon was converted into namyang-dong , establishment of the dongbu branch office